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7 things to know Before you decide to be a Fashion Designer

The fashion industry is a very glamorous industry, but it is also very competitive. It is the most sought-after career for most people, but very few make it through all of the obstacles and become fashion designers. Those who do manage to get in will need to work very hard. Here are things you should know before you decide to be a fashion designer:

  1. It is not an easy industry to break into. There are many talented designers out there, so you will need to have a great portfolio and be able to sell yourself. This you would be doing while you are enrolled in college. This would be where you are essentially learning the fashion ropes in an academic setting. Once you have your degree, you can begin to seek out jobs or internships at studios or clothing companies that interest you. If these are not available, then it is time to start reaching out to people on your own!
  2. The hours can be long, especially since you’ll have to travel if you’re going to shows and fittings. Sometimes it takes days (or even weeks, depending on the designer) to come up with one design. This means working almost constantly for days or weeks straight. The upside is that you get a lot of time off, but it can be difficult to manage a personal life when your work schedule is so demanding.
  3. The pay is not that high when you first start out. Most fashion designers make most of their money off of licensing deals and royalties from designs they’ve created. But if you proved yourself you might be able to negotiate a higher salary.
  4. There are other careers in this industry that may appeal more to you (such as a fashion stylist, fashion editor, etc.) So make a clear understanding of what each job entails before making your decision.
  5. You need to be artistic, creative, and have a good sense of fashion. This industry is all about creativity. You need to be able to come up with new ideas and know-how to bring them together in a great design.
  6. It is possible that you may be working for free for a while or at least making very little money while you’re getting your feet under you in the industry. It’s also important to have a thick skin and be able to take criticism.
  7. The fashion design field changes all the time and it is very competitive. It’s not something you can’t change your mind about easily if it doesn’t turn out to be the career for you.

So these are some of the things that you should know before you decide to be a fashion designer but there is no industry that does not have its downside so keep all of these in mind before making your decision. Do your research, ask people who are already in the industry for advice, and then make a decision that you feel confident in. Good luck!

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