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Sustainable fashion is a trend that sustains in a market for a long term that is considered with environmental and social Impact. Sustainable Fashion must be eco-friendly, responsible with the resources and manpower that counts on many factors like Material, Fabric, Production and Designer.  

Fabric plays a major role in sustainability of fashion. Fabric must be recyclable, Organic, Local resource and a material that does not affect the next generation. Apparel should be made up of Natural fabric like Cotton, Bamboo, Lenin, Silk, and Wool to sustain in the trend. These Materials are recyclable and organic friendly which will not create any adverse effect to the society. Clothing with these materials produces minimal waste and can be re-introduced in the market.

Sustainable fashion

The above scenario with natural fabric is not that successful in India as it is expensive. Indian market faces loss or less demand in the concept of organic clothing. This clothing is expensive as it doesn’t involve any dyeing or any other artificial ingredient and is produced totally with Natural fabric best swiss replica watches. But as a Diverse nation, India has more resources for natural fabric right from pure cashmere wools from Kashmir, Kantha from West Bengal, kalamkari from Andhra Pradesh, Chikankari from Lucknow, block prints from Rajasthan using vegetable dyes, and Kanchipuram silk from down south. Since it is expensive, Indians aren’t opting more for it, but going for cost-effective artificial dyed clothes. Awareness of Eco-fashion is not booming around Indian Market.

Fashion designer or Industry as such is not only responsible for a trend or style, but on deeper thought, it has its role in sustainability, Eco-friendliness, climate change, resource, production, trading, and more. As observed & based on historic research, it is known that western culture is adapted and standing ahead in a sustainable fashion. It’s time to create awareness among the Indian culture and raise the fashion to the international level.best swiss replica watches

Types of Sustainable Fashion

7 Types of Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion
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